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St.Mary's Orthodox Church, Maroor

The church with ''VISHUDHA KULAM'' in the holy name of SAINT MARY

Photo Gallery

Grand Reception to Aprem Thirumeni Grand Reception to Aprem Thirumeni Hearty Welcome to Aprem Thirumeni 111307071 Arch at Main Kurish 109708235 Welcomed by Church Vicar 109712076 H.G.Dr.Zacharias Mar Aprem Thirumeni 112609395 Procession from Main Kurish 109712078 Welcome Rasa 112609398 Welcome Rasa 112609396 Warm Welcome by church members and Band Troop 109712077 Traditional Welcome 109710284 Inside Church 109710129 Holy Qurbana by H.G.Dr.Zacharias Mar Aprem Thirumeni 112609391 H.G.Dr.Zacharias Mar Aprem Thirumeni 112609392 Church Members 109712079 Momento Presented to H.G. Dr. Zacarias Mar Aprem By OCYM 109712080 The Members 112609393 Presented by Mr. Renjan Varghese,OCYM Vice President 109712081 H.G. Dr. Zacarias Mar Aprem with The Vicar 109712082 The Momento 109769834 Thirumeni with OCYM Members 109712084 H.G with the OCYM Members 112609399 109712083 Church Website Inauguration 110957013 Official Switch on by H.G.Dr.Zacharias Mar Aprem Thirumeni 110957014 Harvest Festival 112609394 The Church 112609397